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Le Canelé d'Or
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--- Important note about the delivery time ---

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--- Important note about the delivery time ---

Delivery time range is between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

As our driver might reach the recipient's address during lunchtime, please ensure a person will be able to collect the order during lunch time. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Any further questions about the delivery? Reach us at

--- Canelés sizes ---

Our canelés are available in 3 different sizes:

o Cocktail Size 3.3cm, ~17g
o Medium Size 4.3cm, ~32g
o Grand Size 5.3cm, ~62g

for more information, click here :

--- Shopping bags ---

In an attempt to reduce our environmental impacts, we are providing the minimum amount of shopping bags needed to carry your order (and we encourage you to re-use them!)

Should you need more bags, feel free to order them.

Easter Canelés - Limited Edition

Our Easter Limited Edition is now available!

- LIME HEART - Fresh Lime Jam, Meringue Topping
- HAZELNUT - Roasted hazelnuts & White chocolate Topping

Available from Apr 1st to 30th - pre-order now!

Medium Size - 9 pieces
Medium Size - 9 pieces

Medium Size - 9 pieces

Each canelé weights approx. 32 grams.

You can now order a Birthday Kit by adding $50.00 only (The kit does not includes the canelés)
The kit includes 1 "Happy Birthday" Sleeve and 5 candles.

From HK$198.00

Choose from below

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Assorted ( Traditional, Mediterranean, Irish)

Assorted ( Traditional, Mediterranean, Irish)

Traditional (Vanilla Bean & Dark Rum)

Mediterranean (Orange Zest & Grand Marnier)

Irish (Coffee & Whiskey)

Add Birthday Kit

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Add HK$198.00